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Our Values

As healthcare rapidly advances, so should the educational platforms that fuel the healthcare industry. The Praxis Center delivers a first-of-its-kind multi-disciplinary curriculum targeting the specific needs of healthcare providers and educators. We stand for availability, commitment, and reliability. 


Access to the Praxis Center, its instructors, class material, and training modules is the reason the Praxis Center breaks the mold and changes the game for the healthcare industry. 


The Praxis Center above all else is committed to the forward movement of the healthcare industry and those it serves. The Praxis Center is committed wholly to those enrolled and the lives they will impact. 


People want quality, value, and to learn from trustworthy sources. The Praxis Center aims to be the reliable source for advanced healthcare training and trustworthy instructors. 

Code of Ethics

Praxis, in its commitment to excellence, fully embraces the code of ethics outlined by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). Integrity forms the cornerstone of Praxis' operations, ensuring honesty and trustworthiness in all endeavors. Transparency is upheld as a guiding principle, fostering clear communication and openness in all interactions.


Mutual respect is deeply ingrained in Praxis' culture, promoting an environment where every individual is valued and their contributions acknowledged. Professionalism underscores every aspect of Praxis' work, emphasizing adherence to high standards and ethical conduct at all times.


Praxis holds itself accountable for its actions, recognizing the importance of taking responsibility for decisions and their consequences. A results-oriented approach drives Praxis' efforts, focusing on achieving meaningful outcomes and making a positive impact in the field of simulation healthcare.

Mutual Respect
Results Orientation

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