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Raymond Rogers, MS

Founder & CEO

Butte, Montana

Raymond Rogers is an innovator, lifelong health informatics enthusiast, philanthropist, and educator. Above all else, Ray believes in helping those who help others. He saw a need, a gap in healthcare training and he believed he could be a conduit for change. Residing in Montana, Ray was all too familiar with the harsh impacts faced by rural communities and their inability or lack of funding to receive the critical training in the ever-changing and growing healthcare industry. He believed there was a better way; a way to help people who help people. After years of building partnerships, finding the world's best experts and building a first-of-its-kind infrastructure, the Praxis Center was born.


Ray is a native of Butte, Montana, and he loves everything that Southwest Montana has to offer.   With degrees in Engineering and Technical Communications, Ray's career has included a variety of positions in engineering, higher education, and simulation.   In 2008, he began working in the field of simulation under contract with the US Military - Air Force Special Operations Command to develop simulation-based training for the USAF Pararescuemen.  His passion for simulation and rural healthcare grew into the development of the Praxis Center.  


Ray is a proud father of three grown children and two grandchildren, and he loves hiking, fishing, skiing, golfing - really anything outdoors!!   He is excited for the future of Simulation and the role the Praxis Center will play in advancing simulation-based training for rural healthcare practitioners.   


Strategic Partners

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