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Who We Are

The Praxis Center in uptown Butte, MT, will be the nation’s first healthcare simulation training center explicitly dedicated to rural healthcare practitioners' needs throughout North America. This $35 million, 35,000 ft2 facility is being designed as a simulated hospital and clinic where any healthcare training scenario can occur.

Our History

The Praxis Center was founded by the National Center for Health Care Informatics (NCHCI).

  • NCHCI is a Montana non-profit corporation founded in 2003

  • Extensive experience in healthcare simulation and health information technology

  • Multi-phase, multi-year contracts with USAF Special Operations Command to develop simulation training technologies

Mission Focused

  • Improving the quality, safety, affordability, and efficiency of the US healthcare system

  • Patient and caregiver safety

  • Quality of care

  • Rural health support

  • Healthcare innovation

  • Education and training

  • Research

  • Health and Wellness 


Our vision is to bridge the gap between advancing healthcare education and rural healthcare practitioners by narrowing the gap, serving as a multiplier for the rural healthcare workforce through innovation, technology, and applied practice.


We aspire to redefine excellence in simulation training, focusing on the unique needs of underserved and rural clinicians. Our vision is to emerge as a leading simulation training company recognized for delivering world-class training, providing exceptional customer service, and demonstrating a sincere commitment to the well-being of healthcare practitioners and staff across diverse healthcare settings.



The Praxis Center aims to improve patient safety, patient outcomes, and reduce the number of medical errors; build greater skill retention for healthcare practitioners; and, provide better access to best-in-class simulation training for all healthcare practitioners, regardless of geographical location.

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