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Invest in Rural Healthcare

How you can help drive patient safety and quality of care in rural and underserved communities.

BUTTE, MONTANA, February 2024 - Praxis Center, a planned 35,000 ft2 healthcare simulation training center, seeks immediate investment to finalize its equity raise.   The Praxis Center, a $35 million healthcare simulation training center, will be the nation’s first independent simulation training center focused specifically on the needs of rural healthcare practitioners from throughout North America.   Designed to resemble a critical access hospital and clinic, the $35 million facility is being constructed in the heart of beautiful SW Montana.

Responding to a significant gap in rural simulation training, the Praxis Center will focus on training healthcare practitioners (doctors, surgeons, nurses, mid-level providers, ultrasonographers, EMS, US Military medical personnel, and others) utilizing a wide range of training modalities (on-site, in-situ, distance learning, AR/VR, etc.).  Training at the Center will include multi-day hands-on training sessions around high-risk, low-frequency procedures such as emergency obstetrics, airway management, and infant and pediatric procedures.   An initial curriculum of over 30 courses will be offered throughout the calendar year, including standard courses in ALS, BLS, ATLS, NRP, SANE, and others.

 “Rural Healthcare facilities suffer disproportionately in resources and access to real-world, hands-on simulation training.   We hope to narrow that gap, provide better training, reduce medical errors, improve patient outcomes, and increase retention rates for healthcare workers in rural communities.  Praxis will have a significant focus on patient and caregiver safety and quality of care.”


- Phillip Wortham, Chief Clinical Simulation Officer

The Praxis Center has been designed, the land has been acquired, and the project team is hoping for a summer 2024 groundbreaking event.

According to Ray Rogers, Founder and CEO of Praxis, “We are extremely excited to get this project launched.   The Praxis Center will have a significant impact on our rural healthcare facilities and the economic impact on SW Montana will be substantial.  This will be a destination training center where healthcare workers can get world-class training and hopefully take some extra time to enjoy all the recreational opportunities available in Montana.”

The Praxis Center has recently opened investment opportunities of $7 million in additional equity through an established a 506(c) investment offering for accredited investors. (Minimum investment is $50,000.) Opportunity Zone investment is being accepted.

If you would like to be a part of advancing state-of-the-art rural healthcare training and are interested in scheduling a call to learn more about investing in rural healthcare, or if you know someone who would, please see below.

Investors Prospectus

To receive an Investor Prospectus, please contact:

Raymond F. Rogers

CEO, Praxis Center

465 E. Galena Street

Butte, MT  59701


Chris Ewing

Managing Director, Audaciter Capital Management

Office: (303) 552-8112


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