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Resilience training teaches people that changes are manageable.

Core to our mission is that those on the frontlines of healthcare often are the bearers of heavy emotional burdens, ones taken on by patients and uncontrollable situations.  Because of the dynamic and high-paced work environment of healthcare, the toll on mental health can be great, which is why we have embedded resilience training throughout our efforts internally and externally.   

Every workplace has its own obstacles and challenges, but to master and handle them, you need resilience.

At the Praxis Center we practice what we teach by:


  • Having a wide variety of best-practice stress management/resilience training modalities

  • Featuring classroom-based and distance education content delivery mechanisms

  • Offering courses ranging from one-hour to 3 days with many offerings qualifying for CME  and CE Credits

  • Focusing on the personal wellbeing of healthcare professionals

  • Incorporating resilience training into all Sim Center training scenarios

Resilience will be a core focus for the entire Praxis team and embedded in the Praxis corporate culture.

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