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Revolutionizing Rural Healthcare Education: North America's First Dedicated Rural Healthcare Simulation Training Center.

The Praxis Center

The Praxis Center, located in uptown Butte, MT, will be the nation’s first healthcare simulation training center explicitly dedicated to rural healthcare practitioners' needs throughout North America. 


This $35 million, 35,000 ft2 facility is being designed as a simulated hospital and clinic where any healthcare training scenario can occur.

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The Praxis Center was founded to transform rural healthcare education through innovation, technology, applied practice, and world-class partners.


We understand simulation. We get rural. We know what it means to be underserved, understaffed, isolated, and always doing more with less. We aspire to make a difference, to narrow the gap, and to be a multiplier for the rural healthcare workforce.


We are passionate about patient safety, saving lives, and improving patient outcomes. 


Raymond Rogers, Praxis Center CEO



Located in Butte, Montana, the Praxis Center is the nation's first dedicated healthcare simulation training center focused specifically on the needs of rural healthcare practitioners.  The Praxis Center has received endorsements from many international, national, and local partners who believe in the mission, vision, and success of the Praxis Center. Here are a few who have endorsed the Praxis Center. 
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The Praxis Center collaborates with various industry partners to advance healthcare, fostering strategic alliances for the betterment of the healthcare sector.
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As healthcare rapidly advances, so should the educational platforms that fuel the healthcare industry. The Praxis Center delivers a first-of-its-kind multi-disciplinary curriculum targeting the specific needs of healthcare providers and educators. 

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